Made with love

John & John Crisps stand for quality and a delicious, crunchy snack pleasure: we leave the skin on the potatoes, cut them into thicker slices and deep-fry them vacuum to achieve the perfect crunch. The result is chips that are so irresistible, you have to try them!

Vacuum frying allows us to keep temperatures consistently low when making the crisps. The boiling point of water drops under vacuum, so we can reduce the temperatures without affecting the taste. Due to the lower and ideal temperature, this production technology ensures that the crisps contain less fat than crisps deep-fried at normal pressure, as the water from the potatoes evaporates more quickly until a delicious crust and the typical roasted aromas develop. Less fat, less acrylamide. Higher temperatures rapidly increase the level of harmful acrylamide, which is formed from the protein building block asparagine and sugar when carbohydrate-rich foods are heated vigorously.

However, vacuum frying not only makes products more digestible, but also tastier:
Thanks to the low temperatures, the natural flavors are preserved. The color of the crisps is more natural, the taste is more intense and the crust is crispier. The crisps are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free.