Natural Promise

Our exceptional crisps of the highest quality are not only extra crispy and particularly tasty, but also have many other advantages. We leave the skin on the potatoes, cut them into thicker slices and vacuum fry them to achieve the perfect crunch. The result is potato chips that are so irresistible you have to try them! They are then refined with exotic and regional spices. The result is natural, traditional crisps. But it doesn't stop there:


As the potatoes are dry and contain very little sugar, they are perfect for processing into our delicious crisps. The potatoes are gently washed, cut into thick slices with the skin on and vacuum-fried. The color of the potato is retained during preparation, resulting in beautiful golden-brown kettle chips. John & John only develop their full aroma when eaten in airtight packaging. Crispy, tasty, fresh and of a very special quality.