Extra crispy kettle chips made from potatoes with fine spices.

John Farmer prepares the world's best crisps from its selected potatoes: vacuum frying enables us to keep the temperature constantly low during the production of the crisps. Thanks to the lower and ideal temperature, this production technology ensures that the crisps contain less fat than snacks fried at normal pressure, as the water from the potatoes evaporates more quickly until a delicious crust and the typical roasted flavours develop. Less fat, less acrylamide. Vacuum frying not only makes the products more digestible, but also tastier:
Thanks to the low temperatures, the natural flavours are preserved. The colour of the crisps is more natural, the taste is more intense and the crust is crispier. The crisps are 100% natural, free from yeast extracts, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

John Sailor is always travelling the world in search of new, special spices with which he can refine his friend's kettle crisps. Handmade kettle chips made from potatoes that meet the highest quality standards.
The result: exceptional products of the highest quality. Natural. Special. Good.